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Caffè di Artisan: The High Profit Luxury Coffee System for your establishment. With Zero Investment, Zero Risk

Can Coffee and coffee cocktails/ mocktails become your highest profit & traffic-driving item? With Caffè di Artisan, absolutely! Caffè di Artisan’s liquid single serve pods offer a perfect coffee solution for you. Uber-luxe coffee. Ready in 60 seconds. No Machines. No Baristas. No investment. No Cleaning. No counter space. No Maintenance. No breakdowns. A range of Consistent, Exquisite coffee in a range of exotic beans for your customers through the day. Straight profit for you. The Game-changing coffee solution.

Caffè di Arisan's Award Winning coffee, a unique marriage of Food-Tech and Artisanal processes, is rated The Best Coffee In The World. Every coffee drink - Espresso, Cappuccino, Americano, Frappe´, Coffee Cocktails can be ready in a minute, with consistent, exquisite taste every single time. Plus, you can offer a range of exotic coffee cocktails.

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The Caffè di Artisan Luxury Coffee System is transforming the profitability of bars and pubs: by introducing our range of fine single-origin Coffees during off- peak hours as well as during drink/ meal times plus introducing take-away coffee, bars are now becoming cafes in off-peak hours. This is allowing them to improve capacity utilization of their infrastructure during off-peak hours. In addition, when customers come in at off-peak hours because of our supreme coffee, they end up ordering snacks/ small eats.

Now visualize the business proposition:

  • You just buy any range of our luxury liquid single coffee pods. All Single Origin.
  • You don't need to buy any expensive machine. Or ever have to worry about machine cleaning breakdowns, replacements, repairs, inventory of coffee beans/powder. Absolutely Zero Hassles.
  • No baristas required. Even your service staff can make great coffee with our system.
  • Even if you have invested in machines, you will find Caffè di Artisan’s model to be vastly superior, both commercially and taste-wise. So your machines can simply be disposed off to recover investment
  • A No-machine, no-barista model means that you coffee business WILL be profitable from Day 1, no matter what your initial volumes are. Further, the coffee quality will be consistently great – not being dependent on either machines or baristas
  • What's ultimately of paramount importance is: Caffè di Artisan simply wows customers with its taste, richness, acidity. Coffee that no machine can ever produce, because the espresso system, by passing hot water at high pressure through coffee grounds, inevitably burns and over-extracts the coffee. Caffè di Artisan's luxury coffee belongs to an altogether different realm.

A sample Luxury Coffee Menu is given above. This menu is just indicative. We can change, customize it in almost infinite ways, and at different price points.

Imagine serving a fine selection of the world's most iconic beans like Ethiopian Sidamo, Colombian Cordilleras, Indian Monsoon Malabar, Brazilian Santos etc., in any style. You can have a coffee menu to rival your wine list – something that immediately upgrades your product offering.

See How Superior Caffè di Artisan is to the Nespresso & Other Machine Systems

* Recent Studies by Universities in Valencia (Spain) and Chicago (USA) have shown shockingly high level of bacteria in coffee machines. Coffee machines have been termed 'the germiest place in the house'