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Say Goodbye to all your coffee and coffee machine woes and delight your clients, employees, or a boardroom with exquisite Caffè di Artisan coffee...

So far, the choice for offering coffee in your company has been either instant coffee, which as any coffee lover will tell you, is no coffee at all; or an expensive coffee machine with all its attendant problems of maintenance, servicing, cleaning and ultimately, replacement. The problems are only aggravated by the fact that these are used by multiple employees, not all of whom use them the right way.

Caffè di Artisan's International Award Winning Liquid Single Shot Coffee Pods are the Perfect solution for serving exquisite Coffee to your employees, guests and senior management.

Caffè di Artisan is truly game-changing: Uber-Luxe Coffee Without Machines, Zero Investment, Zero Housekeeping and Zero Hassles. Available in a variety of exotic beans, made into any style: espresso, cappuccino, latté, frappé, etc in less than a minute – here's how How Caffè di Artisan is Revolutionizing In-Room Coffee In Hotels. Click these links to see just a small sample of what Coffee Connoisseurs and Lovers from across the world are saying about Caffè di Artisan This ease of making great coffee means that employees are less likely to visit outside cafes during work hours, thus enhancing their productivity.

A sample Luxury Coffee Menu is given above. This menu is just indicative. We can change, customize it in almost infinite ways, and at different price points.

Even if you have already invested in machines, you will find Caffè di Artisan’s model to be vastly superior, both commercially and taste-wise.

You will find the price points of our Liquid Single Shot Coffee Pods to be very competitive, and our range of Fine Coffees ensures that we have a coffee suitable for your entire range of requirements.

Empower your employees and senior management with Caffè di Artisan’s luxury coffee and its curated Coffee menus. Delight your business partners and guests by serving Caffè di Artisan’s luxury coffee in client and board meetings.

Besides, taking away your coffee-related hassles, the Caffè di Artisan solution also works out fairly economical, even compared to instant coffee which, in reality, is very expensive, because it has a mere 2-3 grams of coffee per sachet, which isn't enough to make a decent cup of coffee, leading to guests using multiple sachets. Even a Nespresso capsule has less than half the coffee content of a Caffè di Artisan single-serve pod!

Caffè di Artisan packs more coffee per serving ..amply satisfying your employees and guests, and are far more economical for you. Even more than Instant Coffee

The problems with coffee machines too far beyond the hassle and expense factors. Recent studies by the University of Valencia conducted on Nespresso machines showed alarming levels of germs (including E.coli) in the machines (click here). The same was confirmed by another study by the University of Chicago. Coffee machines also attract algae, mold and even cockroaches. Coffee machines have been called 'the germiest place in the house'.

In addition, all coffee machines require extensive cleaning, descaling, trouble-shooting and replacement, not to mention counter space.

There is also a further employee health cost involved since all coffee machines degrade over time. Why? Because coffee oils keep coating, layer upon layer, the internal pipes of a coffee machine. As we all know, oils become rancid. And this rancid oil residue then keeps getting mixed with every shot of coffee produced (since the coffee is very hot, the oils melt and mix with the fresh shot being made). That’s why the coffee made by machines starts deteriorating in taste over time. What’s worse, this coffee plus rancid oil mix gives your employees acidity and gastric irritation. So those who think that coffee gives them gastric problems, the trouble lay not in the coffee, but in the machine used to make it.

See How Superior Caffè di Artisan is to the Nespresso & Other Machine Systems

* Recent Studies by Universities in Valencia (Spain) and Chicago (USA) have shown shockingly high level of bacteria in coffee machines. Coffee machines have been termed 'the germiest place in the house'