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Environment, Ecology, Sustainability, Community

Caffè di Artisan is committed to sustainability, community and to minimising the environmental impact of its product, packaging and process. This has been a key element of our business from sourcing to the production process to the product design for end-use.

Recyclable environmentally friendly packaging

We use 100% fully recyclable, food grade, Bisphenol A (BPA)-free, polypropylene pods, customised to our requirements. The aluminium foil used is also fully recyclable.

The box and inner tray are made of paper which is widely recyclable. We have deliberately eschewed lamination of our boxes as lamination prevents/reduces recycling.

Ecology and Community

We see our role as facilitating coffee growing communities towards abundance and sustainable growing, across the several regions we source from – these regions are spread across the globe, from Ethiopia to Colombia to India. Some of our coffee beans are sourced directly from farmers and farming communities.

The Caffè di Artisan range includes Certified Fair Trade and organic coffees and we are committed to increase this proportion over time.

No Chemicals, No Preservatives, No Effluents

Caffè di Artisan’s liquid luxury coffee is made from pure water and premium coffee beans. That’s it. No chemicals. No preservatives. None whatsoever.

No chemicals or effluents are generated as part of the production process. The coffee grounds generated are compostable. Used coffee grounds are rich in Nitrogen, which is one of the three important nutrient components of an effective fertilizer. Worms love used coffee grounds and turn them into ‘black gold’ for plants.

Minimal Power for Coffee Production and Consumption

As Caffè di Artisan’s production process is artisanal, the power consumption is also kept to a minimum. The power consumption is significantly lower than what would be the case in most other packaged coffee production processes, reducing the environmental load and carbon footprint.

Plus, of course, the product is so designed that there is no additional power consumed by the end consumer either, unlike in machine made coffees.