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The Ultimate Game-changing Luxury Coffee Solution for your Guest Rooms, Restaurants, Banquets

Want to Serve Luxury Coffee in your guest rooms? Without putting machines in every room, which cost money, maintenance and housekeeping time apart from breeding germs and cockroaches?

Don't like making your guests drink poor quality Instant coffee? Which, in reality, is very expensive, because it has a mere 2-3 grams of coffee per sachet, leading to guests using multiple sachets. Even a Nespresso capsule has less than half the coffee content of a Caffè di Artisan single-serve pod!

We offer the Ultimate solution: Uber-luxe coffee. No machines. No housekeeping. No maintenance. Easy for your staff and guests. And taste-wise, the Best Coffee in the World. Bar None.

Available in a range of prices for all room and restaurant categories.

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Available in a variety of exotic beans, made into any style: Espresso, Cappuccino, Frappé, etc in less than a minute. Click here to see how easy it is to prepare our coffees

Just see this YouTube link on how Consumers from across the world are loving Caffè di Artisan!

See How Superior Caffè di Artisan is to the Nespresso, K-Cup & Other Machine Systems

*Recent Studies by Universities in Valencia (Spain) and Chicago (USA) have shown shockingly high level of bacteria in coffee machines. Coffee machines have been termed 'the germiest place in the house'