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Coffee Machines

Coffee Machines, up in the air, cause an inordinate amount of problems, hassles and yet, produce low-quality coffee

  • Frequently Breakdown
  • Take up precious galley space
  • Add weight to aircraft, increase fuel costs
  • Take up valuable galley space
  • Consume power, hence increase fuel costs
  • Require constant cleaning and maintenance
  • Espresso machines very often malfunction at high altitude because of inability to generate adequate extraction pressure

Caffè di Artisan: The Perfectly Consistent Coffee Solution for Every Flight and Every Class

  • Uber-Luxe Machine-Free Liquid Coffee Pods, and Liquid Coffee bottles
  • No Galley Space needed.
  • No power consumption
  • Easy for Crew to prepare, serve singles, or hundreds in a jiffy
  • All natural, additive-free product
  • Choice of exquisite variants to suit discerning palates & price points
  • Eco-friendly, fully Biodegradable packaging
  • Long shelf life – ideal in-flight product

Available in versatile packaging sizes: From bulk, multi serve bottles to single serve pods.

All packaging fully Biodegradable. 90% Biodegradability in 2.5 years.

Caffè di Artisan packs more coffee per serving …amply satisfying the guest and is far more economical. Even more than Instant Coffee

Product Coffee Per Serving
Caffè di Artisan Single Serve Pod 12-15 grams
Instant Coffee Sachet 2-3 grams
Nespresso /K Cup Capsule 5-10 grams

See How Superior Caffè di Artisan is to the Nespresso, K-Cup & Other Machine Systems

Caffè di Artisan Coffee Machine Systems
Breakdowns Not a chance! Highly Prone to breakdowns
Cost of Use Variable Only (Cost of Pods) Fixed (Machine) + Variable (Cost of Capsule + Maintenance/ Upkeep + Replacement) + Barista + Power Costs
Space & Weight Requirement None Takes up valuable space in galleys. Add unnecessary weight
Power Consumption None Consumes Power (around half a million watts per year per machine!). Imagine the cost and carbon load!
Investment Zero Capital Cost of Machine – either direct or built into per pod cost
Maintenance None Regular Cleaning/Upkeep/ Maintenance time
Eco-friendliness Easily Biodegradable Pods that biodegrade 90% within 2 years in normal Landfills. Made with Recycled Plastic Very Difficult (almost impossible) to Recycle. Costs of Recycling Extremely High
Hygiene Issues None High bacteria (including E.coli), algae &mold counts, attract cockroaches *
Consistency/ Machine Quality Exquisite, consistent Uber-Luxe coffee every single time, no matter who makes it or where Highly variable quality because of extreme dependence on machine quality, machine age, machine cleanliness
Taste/ Quality Rich, smooth, zesty, great mouth feel, long finish, but never burnt or bitter Problems of over and under-extraction result in coffee that is often burnt, bitter or has an unpleasant after-taste
User Health Never causes acidity or heartburn Causes gastric irritation, acidity due to rancid oils coating the coffee machine's internal pipes
Production Process Artisanal, slow extraction, in Micro-Filtery Industrial: Large Scale Production/Commoditized Coffee…or dependent on barista skills
*Recent Studies by Universities in Valencia (Spain) and Chicago (USA) have shown shockingly high level of bacteria in coffee machines. Coffee machines have been termed 'the germiest place in the house'
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