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5 Espresso Flavour Notes to Look for - Caffè di Artisan

5 Espresso Flavor Notes to Look for

For foodies, espresso coffee is a dignified drink, full of flavours and personality. Unfortunately, not everybody feels this way. Perhaps that’s why chain coffee shops prefer to focus on sugary syrups and kooky promotions, rather than the quality of their beans. Maybe that’s why businesses and homes brew weak, watery coffee. No thank you!

Isn’t it time we brought dignity back to coffee? Below we will discuss five espresso flavour notes to look for and how to determine if a cup of espresso coffee is up to snuff. While we all have different palates, you can trust Caffè di Artisan to deliver the best tasting espresso pods on the market.

Espresso Tastings: Learning the Vocabulary

Luxury coffee is like fine wine. To really appreciate the taste profile, you need to understand the vocabulary around the drink. The essence and descriptions work hand in hand to deliver a more holistic experience for the imbiber.

Acidity. Acidity is the tart, sour taste you find in some coffees. If you are a beer drinker, you might equate the acidic taste of your coffee with the happiness of an IPA beer. A little acidity might make your mouth water. Too much, and your lips will pucker. While luxury espresso coffees can run the spectrum, bad coffee will either taste flat and lifeless or harsh and metallic.

Bitterness. If you were to sip espresso as a child, you’d probably shudder from the bitter taste. But as you grew older and your taste became more refined, you’d likely begin to enjoy the “bold” and “rich” flavour of your espresso shots. Science shows that the more we taste bitter, the more we are conditioned to like it – or even crave it! A robust espresso drink should light up your mouth with bitter flavour, and linger even after you finish your sip.

Note that bitterness is the not the same as “burnt,” which is a signifier of low quality beans or cheap cup of coffee.

Nuttiness. Some espresso aren’t quite acidic or bitter. Instead they offer a more nutty taste like a walnut or almond. These flavours tend to be more crisp and short lived. If the roaster expends too much heat on the bean during the drying process, this note is easily lost. Just another reason to prioritise high-quality espresso coffee.

Pungency& Spice. Looking to get more out of your coffee? Hoping to delight your taste buds? Take a drink, and before you swallow take a sip of air into your lips. This should liven up the tastes in your mouth and help you identify pungent notes in your espresso. Examples include ground black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, and the ilk.

Sweetness. Since Caffè di Artisan puts great pride into their artisanal coffee extractions, you are likely to notice more delicate notes with each sip. Examples of espresso’s delicate sweetness include vanilla, caramel, brown sugar, coco, or even tropical fruit (depending on the origin). Quality espresso tends to have a creamy mouth feel. If the espresso is especially sweet, it will likely pair well with dark chocolate or some salted caramel.

Has all this coffee talk set your cravings ablaze? Visit Caffè di Artisan to see our selection of espresso pods today!

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