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A New Approach to the Best Espresso Coffee

Espresso coffee is a magical beverage. It can take a good moment and make it great. Like enjoying a book on a sunny patio while sipping out of your favourite mug.

Conversely, it can make a dull moment more pleasant. A single shot of espresso can give you the energetic boost you need to make it through a long afternoon meeting in the office.

Yes, espresso is a delight but it’s not exactly one of life’s simple pleasures. It can take a long while to understand how to use and operate an espresso machine. And once you do – well, then you have to clean it. Next thing you know, you are elbow deep in coffee grounds.

Fortunately, there is a new approach to espresso that respects your time and your taste buds. Curious to know what we mean? Below, we will show you how to make the best espresso coffee using Caffè di Artisan’s espresso pods.

Espresso Machines: Clunk & Cumbersome

The traditional approach to making espresso requires a bulky machine. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in a home or workplace, the espresso machine will take up a great deal of counter space.

If the machine has a coffee hopper, you can dump the coffee beans into the machine, watch it grind, then hit the “brew” button. If the machine does not have a hopper, you will need a second machine to grind the beans into a fine powder. Tamp this powder to create a “hockey puck.” This is the key to extraction. Hot steam will be forced through the puck to create espresso.

There are a few problems with this method. First, the beans aren’t treated with respect. A coffee’s flavour is present in its oils. By savagely blasting your ground beans with high pressure, hot water, you destroy the delicate tastes contained within.

Second, coffee machines harbour bacteria and germs. If you fail to properly (and consistently) clean the machine, the oils from the coffee will coat the insides of the pipes, turning rancid with time. This causes the espresso to have an acidic and metallic taste. And that acid, leads to sour tummy troubles.

Lastly, the classic espresso machine is old fashioned – and not in a good way. Do you still own your VCR from 1992? Of course not. There are new approaches to entertainment that are more appropriate for today’s lifestyle. So why are people continuing to use outdated and cumbersome coffee machines?

Enjoying the Best Espresso Coffee with Ease

Caffè di Artisan approaches espresso coffee differently. It’s our labour of love that makes it easier for coffee drinkers to make their espresso drinks with ease. Caffè di Artisan takes single-origin luxury coffee and delicately extracts its exquisite flavour through its artisanal microfilter. Finally, it stores the espresso in a convenient espresso coffee pod.

Why is this important? Well, it allows drinkers to make a single serving of espresso in under 30 seconds!

Just pour 5 ml of the liquid shot into a cup preheated by hot water rinsing. Use our free frother to lather the liquid for roughly 3 seconds, thus creating a rich creama. Pour in the rest of the espresso pod and add an ounce of hot water. That’s it!

No cleanup, no hassle. Just a warm cup of espresso that your taste buds can’t wait to savour.

Interested in learning more about Caffè di Artisan? Visit our home page today!

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A New Approach to the Best Espresso Coffee

Espresso coffee is a magical beverage. It can take a good moment and make it great. Like enjoying a book on a sunny patio while sipping out of your favourite mug.

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