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Brunch Ideas with Caffè di Artisan Luxury Coffee Lattés

Brunch Ideas: Pairing Your Lattés

There’s nothing quite as enjoyable as waking up late on a Sunday. Unless, of course, you follow it up with a stellar meal.

While there is no such thing as a bad brunch, there are ways to turn a so-so brunch into a delectable affair. By pairing great, luxury coffee with your meal, you’ll be sure to delight and dazzle your taste buds. Below are a few ways to pair your lattés coffee with brunch foods.

Almond Milk Lattés with Multigrain Breads

One of the best parts of making coffee at home is the freedom to be your own barista. You can choose your milk, play with the temperature or amount of foam, and impress your breakfast guests if you have any.

If you like your organic coffee to have a rich nutty flavour, try using almond milk in your next lattés coffee. The creamy mouthfeel of the almond milk will really depend on the brand. But nothing beats that unique flavour.

Almond milk lattés pair well with a high-fibre breakfast. Examples include multigrain toast (maybe with a little cashew butter, honey, and raisins) or a side of oatmeal. Nut milk is ideal for vegans and vegetarian brunches.

Low-Fat Milk with Low-Calorie Breakfast Items

Here’s another brunch tip for the health-conscious crowd. Stick to low-fat milk and low-calorie breakfast items. Whether you prefer two-percent milk or non-fat is really your prerogative; either way, the coffee taste will probably overshadow the milk taste.

For your meal, you’ll want to stick to flavourful fruits and vegetable combinations. Examples include a tomato and spinach omelette with a fruit medley on the side; or maybe a light and fluffy egg-white arugula and fontina soufflé. Can you imagine a better way to start the day?

High-Fat Milks Lattés with Sweet Treats

Sometimes you just need to indulge. Rather than mixing your coffee pods with low-fat milk, others prefer to rich creamy taste of whole milk or half-and-half. This combination really smooth’s out the bitter notes while allowing for the espresso’s caramel or cocoa essence to flourish.

Really want to treat your sweet tooth? Pair your full-fat Caffè lattés with buttery pancakes, sugar-brushed French toast, or fruit-filled pastries. Yum! Try opening the windows for a fresh breeze and imagine yourself loving life on the patio of a French bakery.

Extra Caffeinated Lattés for Pep in Your Step

Sure, waking up late on the weekends can be a treat. But it can cause you to lose daylight too. Match that with a big meal (such as a late brunch), and you’ve already lost half your day! If only there was a way to lift your spirits and your energies…

One of the reasons coffee pods from Caffè di Artisan are so special is that they contain more coffee per serving, compared to other brands (12-15 grams to be exact). This means you are getting more of the good stuff, which is ultimately satisfying to coffee connoisseurs.

So, even if you are enjoying thick strips of bacon on a turkey and cranberry sandwich, you can skip that post-breakfast nap.

Looking to buy exquisite luxury coffee? Visit Caffè di Artisan today!

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Brunch Ideas with Caffè di Artisan Luxury Coffee Lattés

Brunch Ideas: Pairing Your Lattés

There’s nothing quite as enjoyable as waking up late on a Sunday. Unless, of course, you follow it up with a stellar meal.

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