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Learn about sustainable single serve espresso capsules - Caffè di Artisan

Humble Brag: Creating More Sustainable Espresso Capsule

Did you know that coffee is the second-most traded commodity in the world behind oil? Something so widely grown, harvested, and sourced across the globe carries a big impact.

At Caffè di Artisan, we believe everything—but especially something as delightful as coffee—should be developed in an environmentally conscious way to leave the soil and region it was grown in better than before.

So, while we’re not fans of bragging, but when talking about our sustainable espresso capsules, we think a quick humble brag is in order. Learn more about our eco-friendly, grower-conscious, additive-free single-serve coffee espresso capsules below.

The World’s Most Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Single-Serve Espresso Capsules

Many coffee products, particularly single-serve cups, leave a significant environmental footprint. These pods are mass-produced in large industrial warehouses using tons of power. Personal coffee machines only add to the energy drain.

Then there’s the packaging. The trash produced by most single-serve pods are non-biodegradable, from the plastic cup to foil top and retail packaging in laminate paper boxes. Laminate is a contaminate and cannot be recycled with the rest of the box, requiring more work to separate from the box before ultimately going to the landfill.

This isn’t even accounting for the grower source of these mass-produced pods. Contemporary growing methods use chemicals, contaminate the soil, harm the biodiversity of the growing region, and cause deforestation.

Traditional growing methods, like you’ll find from an organic grower, use agroforestry systems, which cultivate the coffee plants and other tree species together. Agroforestry enriches biodiversity and prevents the need for any chemical fertiliser.

If this is news to you, I’m sure you’re disappointed. But you still love the convenience of single-serve coffee — so what do you do?

Simple. Try a better-tasting espresso capsule that puts the environment first.  

Our espresso capsules are BPA-free, 100-percent recyclable, and packaged in non-laminated paper boxes. We produce our espresso capsules artisanally in small batches, limiting the environmental load and carbon footprint while eliminating harmful additives in our production process.

Since our sustainable espresso pods don’t require a machine to enjoy, we’re also reducing power usage on the consumer’s part. If that wasn’t enough, we offer certified fair trade and organic coffees sourced directly from farmers and farming communities.

All that’s remaining from our espresso capsule production is coffee grounds, which we compost.

Drink Better Coffee, and Feel Good Doing It

Because our espresso capsules are non-GMO, Kosher, gluten-free, Keto, and Paleo-friendly and contain no preservatives or chemicals, it’s the best-tasting single-serve product around. Our single-serve pods also contain approximately three times as much coffee per serving as Nespresso and K-Cups, and about five times as much as instant coffee.

The convenience of single-serve coffee makes sense, but not when that convenience hurts the planet and our health. Caffè di Artisan’s espresso capsules are more convenient than mass-produced coffee pods because they don’t even require a machine, letting you make any beverage you want from anywhere. From lattes and cappuccinos to americanos and frappes, your coffee beverages will taste that much better knowing you’re contributing to eco-friendly practises and small-batch production.

If you care about the planet and how your coffee made its way into your cup, you can’t go wrong with our luxury artisanal espresso capsules.

Again, we don’t mean to brag, but at the same time, can you blame us? Learn more about how we’re bringing sustainability to single-serve coffee today.

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