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Caffè di Artisan - The future of coffee pods

Is This the Future of Coffee Pods?

When coffee pod machines first hit the market, they made quite a splash. It seemed like the perfect way to brew a single cup of coffee. The pod dispensers were less bulky than traditional drip machines and required less clean-up. Before you knew it, pod machines were popping up in dormitories, hotel rooms, apartment flats, and office kitchens.

But the party didn’t last. In a very short while, news reports started turning up questioning the sustainability behind coffee pod machines. It turns out that traditional pods were neither recyclable nor compostable. Unfortunately, pods were piling up and creating waste.

When the general public became aware of this issue, they were faced with a dilemma. Should coffee drinkers continue to create waste? Or should they be forced to return to the clunky approach to coffee? Nobody wants to be a slave to the machine, after all.

Here is Caffè di Artisan, we understand the impasse. Fortunately, we don’t believe customers have to choose between ease and sustainability. It’s time for the future of coffee pods.

What Make Our Coffee Pods Different

There are dozens of examples of Caffè di Artisan taking a different to coffee pods. Below are just a few examples.

No Machines. Our coffee pods are guaranteed low maintenance. You don’t have to worry about machines, counter space, or clean-up. All you have to do is pour our espresso or coffee shots into a cup and agitate it with our free frother. Combine with your favourite milk, creamers, or desserts. After all, you are your own barista!

Coffee on the Go. Since there is no machines or setup, it’s easier to make coffee on the go. Just throw a couple of coffee pods in your suitcase while traveling. Or make a cup of coffee without ever leaving your desk! Where will you take your coffee?

Sustainable. Our coffee pods are 100-percent recyclable and BPA-free. So you won’t feel guilty for using coffee pods ever again! Caffè di Artisan uses minimal power consumption to create our artisanal products. And since our coffee pods don’t require a machine, consumers also reduce their carbon footprint. We proudly offer Certified Fair Trade coffees too.

Health-Conscious. Are you on a speciality diet? Our coffees are certified Kosher, non-GMO, Paleo-friendly, Keto-friendly, gluten-free, and if you use non-dairy milk, vegan-friendly. No matter your lifestyle, Caffè di Artisan is happy to accommodate. Additionally, we only use high-alkaline water for our coffee which offers numerous health benefits.

Real Luxury Coffee, Not Glorified InstantTraditional coffee pods contain freeze-dried ground coffee that can’t offer a wide range of flavours. Instead, coffee pods tend to taste burnt, bitter, or flat. This is not so for coffee pods from Caffè di Artisan. Our artisanal coffee extraction process allows for the full range of coffee tastes, from the delicate to the bold.

Thankfully, the future of coffee pods is here. If you are ready to enjoy the taste of luxury coffee without the hassle of bulky, outdated machines or the environmental-based guilt of traditional pods, it’s time you visited Caffè di Artisan online!

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