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Coffee Capsules: Unleash Your Inner Barista - Caffè di Artisan

Coffee Capsules: Unleash Your Inner Barista

There’s something special about making coffee at home. It’s just more relaxing. You don’t have to wake up early to rush to the nearby café, just to wait 20 minutes for your gourmet lattes coffee. Instead you can roll out of bed, grab your favourite mug and enjoy your warm beverage in the comfort of your pyjamas.

Then again, there is something to be said about the presentation of a café-made cup of Joe.

However, one of the benefits of using coffee capsules from Caffè di Artisan is that you can make your cup of coffee, your way. Below we will share some tips to unleash your inner barista. Don’t be surprised if you end up preferring our at-home coffee to the café experience.

Getting the Right Milk-to-Foam Density

You might be surprise to learn that the defining characteristic of a barista has less to do with coffee per sae, and more to do with milk. Frothing milk is more of an art form than you might realise.

For example, the right milk-to-foam density is what separates a lattes coffee from a cappuccino. The former is roughly 80 percent warm milk and 10 percent foam; with espresso making up the difference. A cappuccino, on the other hand, is a third espresso, a third warm milk and a third milk foam. This gives the beverage a light and airy quality that you can feel by simply lifting the cup.

Be sure to experiment with you milk-to-foam ratios to better understand how this affects the taste and finish of your coffee drink, as this is key to becoming an at-home barista.

Presentation Matters

Have you ever attended a fancy dinner party where the host served her finest champagne in a paper cup? Of course not. Presentation matters regardless of whether you are aspirant bartenders or barista, at home or professionally. Always serve your coffee drinks in appropriate mugs or glasses.

If you really want to impress your guests, take things further by mastering latte art. This could include drawing a simple heart in the foam to flowers or even personal portraits. This aesthetic addition is the mark of a true professional. It’s an extra dash of love that you put into each cup.

Pair with Pastries or Breakfast Bites

If you’ve ever ordered coffee from a café early in the morning, you might have noticed that the barista offered you a pastry or breakfast sandwich as well. Sure, she may have been trying to upsell your order, but it’s also possible she was thinking about your overall day. While coffee is great, it can’t replace breakfast – which is, after all, the most important meal of the day.

Try pairing your favourite coffee capsules with your breakfast bites. For instance, sweet or acidic coffee tends to pair well with lemon pastries. Gourmet coffee with nutty flavour notes tend to compliment oats, cereals and grains; while especially bold and bitter coffee does well with savoury or chocolatey foods.

Order Coffee Capsules from Caffè di Artisan

If you want to enjoy luxury coffee in your home, there’s no better option than Caffè di Artisan. There’s no machine, no hassle. Just delicious gourmet coffee capsules that are easy to use.

Unleash your inner barista. Visit Caffè di Artisan today!

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