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Looking for some great Coffee recipes?

When we, the quirky coffee crusaders at Caffè di Artisan, used to drink machine-made coffee, we would ask ourselves, "Why does this taste burnt and bitter?"

Then, we started a several years-long deep dive into the Art and Science of Coffee.

And made a startling discovery: that coffee machines were absolutely the wrong way to reach coffee heaven. Their whole process not only produces burnt, bitter coffee, it also kills the real tasting notes of the delicate coffee beans.

So we created Caffè di Artisan.

Machine Free Coffee. Slowly extracted over days in our Artisanal Micro-Filtery.

The bonus: With Caffè di Artisan Liquid Single Serve Machine Free coffee pods, you can now make better-than-gourmet-cafe level Espressos, Lattés, Cappuccinos, Frappes in your Home, Office, Cafe. Effortlessly.

Call it the democratisation of Coffee.

Want to best your neighbourhood barista? Here are the easy-peasy methods for your favourite daily coffee. They take mere seconds…so, it's good-bye to cleaning coffee machines & queueing up at cafes.

Looking for something more exotic in terms of recipes? Smoothies, desserts, breakfast recipes and many more, please see some yummy ones here.

A Quick Primer to the Basic Drinks

Coffee shop menus now give a bewildering list of coffee drinks: many of which appear to be a combination of coffee and milk. So, what exactly is what?

If you have wondered about this, here are the answers in simple English

1.        Latté has a liquid coffee shot with hot milk and a little bit of foam

2.              Cappuccino has the same combination as a Latté, but the ratio of foam to milk is much higher.

A classic ratio is supposed to be equal quantities of milk and foam. A 'dry Cappuccino' will have a higher ratio of foam to milk and a 'wet Cappuccino' will have a higher proportion of milk.

Here's the thing: When you making your own Cappuccino, you can decide on the combination of milk, foam and coffee that suits you best, without trying to explain that to someone else or worrying about how to label it

The foam on top of the drink keeps it warm for much longer by acting as an insulating layer.

·                 Flat White has less foam than even a latté and has essentially milk added to coffee with only a little microfoam.

·                 Cafe au lait: This is where it starts to get complicated. In many parts of continental Europe, it means the same as what a Latté means in the US. In the US, it means a drink that has only warm steamed milk added to coffee and no foam.

·                 Cafe Macchiato: Macchiato means stained. Cafe Macchiato means liquid coffee stained with a bit of milk foam. Not to be confused with Latté Macchiato which is milk stained with coffee!

·                 Frappé: A Frappé is a cold latte. But that does not quite capture the dance of flavours on your tongue. Part ice, part coffee, part milk or cream. What’s there not to love?

·         There are of course, many other coffee plus milk drinks across the world, including some that use condensed milk.

Learn All About Basic Coffee Drinks - Caffè di Artisan

Basic Coffee Drinks

Let’s start with the basics from your neighbourhood café:
the Cappuccino, the Frappe, the Latte, the Macchiato, the Espresso etc.

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Coffee Smoothies

We take our Coffee smoothies seriously - taste wise and health-wise. Our coffee is already chock a block with antioxidants and nutrients

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How to make desserts with coffee - Caffè di Artisan

Hot & Cold Beverages

Looking for more Hot & Cold Beverages to add to your repertoire?

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